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Meet Alessia

I am a Registered Psychotherapist focused on holistic therapy. I prioritize healing through empowerment, compassion, and connecting with your inner wisdom. I sincerely thank you for taking time to get to know me as a part of your therapeutic journey. Scroll down to learn more about me!

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My Story

I am a Registered Psychotherapist who practices a holistic and integrative form of therapy. My training as a yoga instructor, a behavioural therapist, and a spiritual psychotherapist, as well as my personal journey with veganism, have all helped me to understand the deep connection that exists within our mind-body-spirit, as well as between us and our environments. Understanding this connection has inspired me to help others find alignment both within themselves, as well as between them and their surroundings. 


I enter each session with the belief that my clients hold the wisdom and clarity that they are seeking. My role is not to provide solutions; rather, it's to create a safe space to help clients reconnect with their inner wisdom in a compassionate and non-judgmental way. I collaborate with my clients to uncover the thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve them and keep them stuck. Once we move through awareness and gain an understanding of where these patterns come from, we can explore the tools to transform "stuckness" into thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours that can help them flourish. This process is not always easy, which is why compassion and relatability are such a key part of my therapeutic process.


Having had personal experience and professional training in navigating anxiety, trauma, life transitions, attachment, and self-trust, I have a deep capacity to connect with you on these matters. I'm honoured to be able to walk your healing path with you, and I hope to share this passion for transformation and growth in a collaborative and empowering therapeutic relationship with you. 


I'm currently accepting new clients. If there is any part of you that is curious about next steps, let's connect!

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