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Meet Alessia

I am a Registered Psychotherapist focused on holistic therapy. I prioritize healing through empowerment, compassion, and connecting with your inner wisdom. I sincerely thank you for taking time to get to know me as a part of your therapeutic journey. Scroll down to learn more about my story!

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My Story

There have been so many important experiences in my life that have shaped me into the holistic therapist that I am today. Being a student of karate and music were two critical ones early on, as they introduced me to the concept of personal exploration through the mind-body connection. Within the last ten years, my personal journey of becoming vegan, as well as my work as a yoga instructor, a behavioural therapist in the field of Autism, and a psychotherapist further helped me realize the importance of holistic healing through the mind-body-spirit. This was solidified as I simultaneously experienced its power within my own mental health journey through the years.


I believe that through paying attention to the many layers of our human-ness, we can create powerful shifts towards healing in a well-rounded and sustainable way. This form of holistic therapy can manifest in many different ways - connecting to deep breathing, meeting the inner child, journaling, exploring and transforming repeated patterns, or simply holding space for however it is that you are showing up in session.


Having had personal experience and professional training in navigating anxiety, trauma, life transitions, attachment, and self-trust, I have a strong capacity to connect with you on these matters. I'm honoured to be able to walk your healing path with you, and I hope to share this passion for transformation and growth in a collaborative and empowering therapeutic relationship with you. 


I'm currently accepting new clients. If there is any part of you that is curious about next steps, let's connect!

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