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In-Person and Online Psychotherapy for Individuals


Therapy involves reflecting on how you interact with your internal and external worlds. This includes your emotions, your body, your relationships, your work, your stress, and more. With the guidance of a therapist, you may begin to rediscover a sense of empowerment and awareness, which can be applied outside of sessions in order to create powerful shifts and changes in your life.


I work with young adults who are seeking help for a number of reasons, including anxiety, depression, burnout, feeling "stuck", relationship issues, existential thoughts, resilience-building, transforming repeated patterns, and more.

My priority is to cultivate an inclusive and compassionate environment that feels safe for you. I will support you in setting goals and creating powerful shifts towards your healing. Together, we will develop the tools you need to mindfully navigate the day-to-day and our ever-changing world. I invite you to connect with me and learn more about my process!

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