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There are risks and benefits of engagement on social media with regards to our therapeutic relationship. A therapeutic relationship is a professional relationship. In today's technological climate, a social media presence or following your therapist on social media is not to be confused with a relationship outside of therapy. Ethical, professional, and therapeutic boundaries must be followed and honoured. Many psychotherapists use social media as a means for marketing, education, advocacy, thought leadership, and providing content in a technologically changing field.

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A counselling social media page is not psychotherapy, a replacement for a therapeutic relationship, or a substitute for medical care. Social media posts should not be considered professional advice. The information contained in posts is general information for educational purposes only.

A social media presence as a psychotherapist is not seeking an endorsement, testimonials, or ratings from past or current clients. 

Past and current clients risk breaching their privacy and confidentiality by liking, re-posting, commenting, and engaging on social media platforms with me, as others may see that we are connected. "Direct Messaging" is another risk to your privacy. Remember commenting and messaging between sessions is not a confidential or encouraged means of communication. Please schedule a therapy session to discuss, explore, and ask any treatment related questions or concerns. Social media is not an appropriate medium for sharing therapeutic concerns, questions, comments, or reaching out in crisis to your psychotherapist.

In order to honour professional boundaries, ethical nuances, and not engage in and prevent any potential form of dual-relationship, I will not follow or friend past or current clients on social media platforms. 

If there are things from your social media sites that you think would be helpful for me to know, please share those things with me during sessions directly, or via secure messaging to be discussed in session. 

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