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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a form of mental health support that explores how you interact with your internal and external worlds. Your internal world includes your emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and your external world refers to things like your relationships, work, school, stressors, and more.


What you can expect from my therapeutic process is that we will begin by having conversations about what brings you to therapy. Once we have built a foundation for our work together, we can begin to explore which style of support might be helpful to you. For some, talking weekly and having a safe space to express their emotions is helpful. For others, it is beneficial to dive deeper in order to understand the root of certain behavioural patterns, so that they can be transformed or released. Many people find it useful to add practices and routines to their lives outside of therapy to implement these changes, which I can guide you through.


Whatever it is that brings you to therapy, the idea is that through our therapeutic work, you may begin to understand how certain aspects of your life are impacting you on a deeper level. This awareness can lead you to connect with a sense of empowerment, which can create powerful shifts in how you engage with your life outside of sessions.

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