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Psychotherapy for Individuals

Do you feel stuck? Disconnected from your needs, wants, or sense of self? Are you ready to create movement in your life?

Whether you’re focused on school, work, relationships, self-discovery, or all of the above, the concept of trying to “figure it all out” alone becomes exhausting and confusing! On top of it all, decision making can feel next to impossible. This happens when you're disconnected from your needs, and as a result, you may take on the pressure to live according to expectations of others. Now, you’re left with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, burnout, and living a life that doesn’t feel like it’s truly yours. I know the feeling, and I’m here for you.


I support young adults on their journey to figure out what they want life to look like for them. By incorporating different modalities, we can take steps to 1) explore the patterns that keep you “stuck”, 2) connect with your true needs, desires, and values, and 3) integrate these into your relationships, work, school, and world, creating a life that feels aligned and empowering for you!

My priority is to create a safe and compassionate environment for our work. In my sessions, I incorporate theoretical knowledge, mindfulness exercises, and my warmth and relatability for a well-rounded & inclusive space. I invite you to connect with me and learn more about my process!

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Supporting Vegan Clients

In addition to my generalized practice, I also offer psychotherapy services specific to those experiencing a sense of heaviness around being vegan in a non-vegan world.


You may have fears around the state of the environment, anger or pain around the mistreatment of animals, or challenges in relating to those you love most who may not align with your values.


These experiences can be very overwhelming, isolating, and sometimes even debilitating. It's my goal to create a safe space for these feelings to be expressed and honoured. Together we can explore how they impact you, and my hope is that we can even find a way to reconnect to your sense of purpose, value, and empowerment within this journey.

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